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This particular French manufacturer of extra computer rooms is a first to distribute the remedies of Immersion 4. For your ex, the sales prospects are gigantic: “At present, half of this requests come from abroad. This really is new, “rejoices Cédric Dezempte. Oil cooling has been under study for ten a long time. But, according to Patrick Demichel, Immersion 4 could be the first to propose an functional solution. “Until now, the substances proposed had defects.

There were those who broke the plastic cables, people who dissolve the wax on the particular capacitors, the ones that escape. The last barrier, that only Immersion 4 been able to overcome, was to hold the same reflection index as the particular optical fibers. Because, without this specific, the oil that interferes in these connectors disturbed the indicate. ”

The oil – Immersion FOUR keeps the recipe secret – gives the dielectric strength of 56 kVA. Quite simply, it isolates at this point of the current that it is impossible to get a technician to electrocute if he dives the relinquish a bath containing a removed electrical cable of 220V. Also, it ignites only from 300 °, threshold that it shouldn’t reach since the processors stop working before having reached one quarter of your temperature.

All components of some sort of server run in oil, except traditional hard drives that will not Copper brazed plate heat exchanger be waterproof. Three parades exist, using SSD, those of helium tough disks (hermetic, more capacitive, but overpriced), or the simple installation of disks in an exterior bay. “The latter option is often a lesser evil, since the hard drives don’t heat up and therefore are through using air conditioning, ” said Patrick Demichel.

FIVE oil would solve the three constraints inside plate heat

It is well established in the sectors of ceramics, chemistry plus petrochemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, as well as from the water and wastewater sector. YOUR wholly owned subsidiary of Axel Johnson International, an independent family group built in 1873 in Sweden, it offers a complete range of positive displacement knocks out, dosing systems, stirrers, heat exchangers plus environmental equipment. and analysis.

This system makes it possible to maintain servers at 37 ° by consuming only some tens of watts, or 2% of what it costs to power the traditional cooling of an air fitness rack and fans, “explains Serge Conesa.. Interest? These solutions, in which there’s no air conditioning or fans, virtually eliminate the electrical consumption focused upon Copper brazed plate heat exchanger cooling the appliances.

Obtained in 27 countries, the AxFlow Collection generates annual sales of 180 k euros by marketing, distributing as well as providing complete commercial engineering expertise for high-quality fluid management equipment.

Amongst the strong advocates of the technology, HPE believes that Immersion FIVE oil would solve the three constraints inside installation of a datacenter: finding inexpensive, low-cost, square meters in places where you are able to revalue the heat. We couple it with a pump that creates turbulence from the oil to circulate it to your heat exchanger.